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An Interview with Centennial Academy Teacher Nicholas Sergerie
An Interview with Centennial Academy Teacher Nicholas Sergerie

Introduce yourself and the courses you teach. What, in your opinion, is the best thing about being a teacher at Centennial Academy?

My name is Nicholas Sergerie, Department Head of Social Studies.  I teach grade 10 history and I’ve been teaching here for 11 years.  I began by doing my teaching stage here and was hired the following year.  Teaching at Centennial is challenging although rewarding.  Getting students to achieve success in the grade 10 history is one of the most difficult challenges for many of these students, so I get immense satisfaction from getting these students through the course.[/row]

What are the top 3 things that you think make Centennial Academy unique?

Our approach in the classroom is one element that makes Centennial unique, but I would also highlight that fact that we have a small community and caring teachers.  We ensure that work gets submitted and completed with use of our access team.

Tell me about one of your favorite teaching memories/story?

I used to do a Gallery of Fame project with grade 8 history students.  It was a historical figures research project that engaged students and culminated in an evening where students would showcase their project and come dressed up as their historical figure. This project really engaged students and provided a great opportunity for students to showcase their learning.

What do you think your students like the most about you?

They would probably say I’m fair, organized and serious.

Describe a typical classroom experience or a typical day at Centennial?

Most lessons will begin with a teacher-led review or checking for understanding activity based on the previous lesson.   I try to keep the lecturing to a minimum if any at all. Students will then engage themselves in the content by completing some type of learning activity.

Describe in your own words the Centennial Academy Approach and how UDL really works.

My understanding of UDL is it provides students with various means of understanding and learning the content/curriculum.  It also provides students with multiple ways they can show their understanding also.