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Our students gain consistent, effective learning behaviours delivered by specially trained teachers that prioritize coaching, student feedback, interaction and in-class learning.


Teamwork is key to how we approach teaching and supporting student success. Parents and students work with our Student Success, Academic Leadership, and Parent Collaboration Student Success teams, in addition to all of our highly skilled teachers. Together, we work towards a common goal – to transform our students into engaged and autonomous learners.

A Better way of teaching

Traditional teaching has failed students. Math, science, history – all knowledge is best acquired when it meets the needs of a wide range of learners versus outdated, less effective animation-driven styles that fluctuate from teacher to teacher.

Through demonstrated student success, we have designed our own training program and train all our teachers to systematically apply our Coached Learning Development Model and principles. Teacher competencies are aligned with student learning needs creating a recurring winning formula that supports and nurtures student success.

This means that all teachers regardless of class, subject or grade, apply the same Coached Learning Development Model so that students – regardless of diagnosis – receive predictable and structured learning. This consistent approach to teaching means that students know what to expect and understand what is expected of them. It also reduces the stress and anxiety some teens experience when faced with change or the unknown.

The Centennial Academy team guides and coaches students, helping them to gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills – skills that will help them in their academic pursuits and beyond. Students become motivated and empowered to take charge of their learning.

Effective Learning Behaviours

Using consistent repetitive patterns of learning and individual feedback, students are taught effective learning behaviours, proper organization and task prioritization that teach them how to learn. Key elements include:

  • Repetition with consistent routines
  • Tailored coursepacks for optimal learning
  • Colour-coded binders by subjects for greater organization
  • Highly trained teachers that prioritize interaction and in-class learning
  • Constructive individual and group feedback that promotes learning and improvement
  • Emphasis on student engagement and understanding, over grades
  • Methods that boost motivation and confidence
  • Inclusive learning environment using the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Collaboration between parents and student success team

Meet Our Leadership Team

Angela Burgos

Head of School

Head of School for Centennial Academy and Director General of Centennial College since 1998, Angela Burgos has strengthened the school’s mission and vision focusing on innovative strategies that transform struggling learners into high school graduates that successfully pursue higher education.

With a Master of Education from McGill University and 30+ years of knowledge in learning strategies and innovation, team development, collaborative partnerships, and Universal Design for Learning, Angela is fiercely passionate about learning, coaching, innovation and collaboration.

Marco Palmieri

Assistant Head of School

Ibtissam Belkhatab

Admissions Coordinator

Valerie Cyr

Main Office Coordinator

Samantha Fiori

Director of Teacher Development

Ariel Bitton

Department Head, Social Studies

Chris Rodi

Department Head, Arts and Physical Education

Laura Grimaud

Department Head, Français langue d’enseignement

Dorian Marius

Department Head, Math

Rezkia Rebai

Department Head, Science

Cassandra Bracken-Guenet

Department Head, French and English as second languages

Student Success Team

Joey McKitterick

Director of Student Life and School Climate

Caterina Agostino

Student Success Gr 11 Coordinator and outreach services

Manjot Bains

Student Success Senior School Coordinator

Academic Leadership Team – College

Michelle Fazioli

Dean of General Education at the College

Read an interview with Michelle

Board of Directors

Our community includes our cherished board members. Dedicated volunteers – parents, alumni and citizen members – the board of directors undertake their board responsibilities providing invaluable support and direction to our school.

Working Together to Change Student Lives

Centennial Academy Teacher and Staff Stories

One of my happiest moments is to see the growth of a student who first walks into the door with poor self-confidence, failing grades and a history of being told that they can’t learn in school – transform into a high school graduate armed with the skills they need to carry them through CEGEP and university studies, and well into their professional careers. At Centennial Academy, all students can learn because learning is adapted to each student. It should be the model across the education system.
Angela Burgos, Head of School
A typical classroom experience at Centennial is all about routine and predictability. A classroom starts with a routine and is followed by minimal teacher instruction, usually no more than 10 minutes. The bulk of our time in the classroom is spent doing an activity or assignment where the students can practice their newly acquired knowledge or demonstrate their understanding of it. Then at the end, we clean up our materials and prepare for the next class.
Mary Byron, Department Head, English Language Arts
One of my favorite memories is the grade 11 New York trip. It was great to see how the students interact outside of the classroom. The students really enjoyed the Broadway shows that we saw and ended up doing karaoke on the bus. Students always seem hesitant at the beginning of the trip, but by the end of the trip they are grateful that they went on the trip.
Samantha Fiori, Department Head, Mathematics
A typical day at Centennial Academy is very predictable. Students stay in their classroom for the majority of the day, and the teacher puts the learning target and agenda on the board so that students know what will be happening that period. There is usually a portion of the class dedicated to introducing new material and then the rest of the period students are practicing that new concept. In science, we try to get into the lab as much as possible so that students can be involved in their own learning. Students finish their day with study hall, which is a 45-minute period for students to complete homework and get help from teachers, should they need it. Students are expected to do only 30 minutes of homework or review, once at home.
Krystal Lapierre, Department Head, Science

Be part of a dynamic team that is changing the way students learn and teachers teach. Make a real difference in the lives of young people.