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Core learning is done at school, restoring a stress-free home life where parents focus on nurturing and supporting their struggling learner.


A partnership for academic success

Having a child that does not fit into a predefined academic mold is stressful. We understand. We meet parents every day that share a similar story.

  • Tutoring required to keep up with the class?
  • Trouble getting organized, forgetting schoolwork?
  • Struggle with reading, writing and language?
  • Academic stress, anxiety or poor motivation?
  • Difficulty integrating in social settings? 
  • Inconsistent or failing grades?

The parent’s role

When you place the education of your child in our hands, we take complete in-person control of learning so that you as a parent can focus on nurturing and parenting your child. No more tutors. No more helping with homework. No more worrying or stressing about their future. At school, Centennial Academy establishes an academic learning structure that provides students with predictable routines. Everything the student needs to succeed is provided by the school, including time at the end of each school day to complete homework with the guided assistance of teachers, as required.

Is Centennial Academy the best fit for my child?

Check all that apply.

If you answered YES to any of these questions – even to just one – we can help.

Schedule a call with Centennial Academy to discover how we empower high school students to conquer their challenges and graduate on time. Your teen can be part of our 90% graduation success rate.

A Home for All Students

Working together to create a safe space where your child can rediscover the joy of learning, Centennial Academy puts academic success in the hands of teens with learning difficulties, struggle with anxiety or do not fit the traditional school system. For parents, this reduces the stress and worry for their child’s future.

After 50 years of enabling student success, we have proudly helped thousands of teenagers graduate high school, prepare for higher education and fulfilling careers. Fun fact! Some of our current teachers and staff members are proud Centennial Academy graduates. They now serve as shining examples of our success.

The Parent Experience

Smiles! After years of seeing my son come home from school stressed out and generally unhappy, I am thrilled to see him come home every day smiling and happy! He is up and ready to go each morning, and always returns home in a good mood. Even though he started high school during the pandemic, he is still thrilled to be at Centennial every day - this is clear testimony to the school's ability to find different pathways to learning. After only one month, my son looks forward to getting involved in future school activities and is happy to call Centennial "an awesome school". Thank you to all the staff for your support and dedication.
Parent at Centennial Academy
Our daughter transferred from a private school to Centennial Academy at the beginning of Grade 8. One year later, we are thrilled to say that our family's experience could not have been better, and the school has exceeded our expectations in every way. The Centennial approach works! We have seen our daughter grow to become an academically successful, confident, competent, independent learner and build a very nice group of friends. Our family life has been restored, and beyond grateful to the school for the difference it is making to our daughter!
Parent at Centennial Academy
It is with great pleasure that I tell you what a difference Centennial Academy has made for my daughter in such a short period of time. She is finally happy to go to school! I can understand why. Her teachers are warm, encouraging and supportive. You can feel that they truly care about their success. Her attitude has changed, her marks have gone up and there is no longer any stress related to homework or studying. Thank you for everything!
Parent at Centennial Academy
I wish that schools like Centennial were the norm - and not the exception. What a pleasure it is to see Maximus thrive academically. Since he was in grade 3 and his challenges really began, we were more or less resigned to the fact that he wasn’t learning very much, but instead focused on his mental wellbeing. Now, he comes home from school inspired, giving us science facts, and even likes maths! I never thought this day would come. I know its a team effort and you are all providing a great environment for the students.
Parent at Centennial Academy
My son has once again made the Honours List for the Fall semester at Dawson College. We are so very proud of him for his dedication to his studies, especially during these very difficult times. And we are so grateful to you for showing him the way to success by believing in him (especially when he didn’t believe in himself) and teaching him how to overcome his learning disabilities. One thing is clear... A strong foundation allows to build a solid future! Please know that you are all doing a fantastic job and that you are making a huge difference in the lives of so many students. Keep up the great work!
Parent of a Centennial Academy Graduate

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