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About Us

Our Mission: Together we help students to become autonomous and resilient learners, through innovation and collaboration

Students thrive academically and socially when nurtured by a supportive learning environment. Students master their learning challenges, graduate on time, and go on to pursue higher education.



To become the preeminent English and French language private high school in Quebec and across Canada that empowers struggling students to conquer the challenges of learning.


We focus on learning, not grades. Our students develop and internalize effective learning behaviours that allow them to take control over learning. When learning is achieved, grades will follow.

Our Academic Approach

Students follow the same government curriculum and graduate with their DES (Diplôme d’études sécondaire), but our approach to teaching is entirely unique, fostering greater autonomy and comprehension.


25 Accommodations and Strategies that Empower Learning

Instead of focusing on Individual Education Plans (IEP), we apply 25 accommodations and strategies for ALL students, in ALL classes, providing targeted feedback for students to learn and succeed.

A Long History of Student Success

We strive to achieve academic excellence in teaching and learning through constant innovation and collaboration in a caring learning environment. Since 1969, we’ve transformed the lives of thousands of struggling students left behind by a rigid and uncompromising educational system. Using emerging neuroscience findings and a data-driven approach to learning, we uncovered a better way for all students to learn.

Today, we can proudly say that Centennial Academy represents the future of education. Our pioneering Coached Learning Development Model adopted school-wide for all students regardless of learning difficulty, is better adapted to the way kids actually learn.

In 2020, we moved into our new home at the historic Grand Séminaire De Montréal providing our students with a newly updated, calm environment that stimulates their creativity and allows them to explore their passions.

Discover the Centennial difference.

Centennial Academy Stories

We are forever grateful to Centennial Academy. The caliber and professionalism of the entire team, the continued support and guidance throughout our daughter’s attendance, and the school’s eternal perseverance and “never give up” attitude were integral in building the autonomous, motivated, and confident student that my daughter is today. She has just flourished under the care and guidance of the school and is excited about what her bright future holds.
Parent of a Centennial Academy Student
The teachers want you to succeed, and they are much more inclined to help. The pressure I felt before was instantly gone, my grades were a lot better, and I was surprised how much I liked school.
Student at Centennial Academy
As a parent, my relationship with my son has gotten a hundred times better. Now, we have the hope that we’ve found a place where he’s going to become independent, he’s going to become resilient, he’s going to be an information seeker, and he’s going to be someone who might actually walk away with a love of learning.
Parent of a Centennial Academy Student
I am really happy that I came to Centennial and I’m proud to be graduating from Centennial this year. The school taught me so many skills for my future.
Student at Centennial Academy


Discover the Centennial Academy Unique Approach to Learning