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Our Academic Approach

Our teachers support students through daily data collection and rigorous analysis. Our unique academic approach encourages greater student autonomy and understanding.

No Hands Up!

At Centennial we’ve created and perfected a better way to learn. Our “Coached Development Model” to teaching is unique and  innovative. Students follow the Quebec government curriculum, only broken down into manageable, coachable steps that allow for greater student learning and comprehension. Learning strategies are taught, coached and supported throughout their high school experience, so they can confidently go on to CEGEP and University.

Our teachers are trained at Centennial to implement our approach to learning and go through a specialized in-house program. The teachers create and maintain a predictable and routine learning environment and method of teaching whereby students know what to expect, and what is expected of them.

Here are four of our core strategies:

We focus on learning that ultimately lead to grades. When effective learning behaviours are mastered, grades will follow.

We’ve created, adopted and perfected a better way to learn through our coached learning development process.  Traditional classrooms employ a medical model where students with learning difficulties or other challenges have a “problem” that must be individually addressed by a specialist outside the classroom.

Not at Centennial Academy.

Instead, we focus on effectively teaching all students through a structured, school-wide approach. Students in all classes automatically receive the required accommodations, learning strategies, and targeted feedback. Considered a social learning model, we pioneered the use of the Coached Learning Development Model and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles – making learning inclusive for all students. Additional accommodations may be required on an individual basis.

Modelled after athletic coaching programs and adopted by many elite American universities, we consistently focus on coaching and learning, individual feedback, structure and repetitive routines – with every teacher in every class, using the same approach and language.

Traditional teaching fails students who need to learn in a different way. At Centennial we have designed our own teaching program and train all our teachers to systematically apply our learning models and principles – this means that all teachers of all subjects and grades, apply the same Coached Learning Development Model so that students – regardless of diagnosis – receive consistent and structured coaching to foster learning.



25 Accommodations and Strategies that Empower Learning

Instead of focusing on Individual Education Plans (IEP), we apply 25 accommodations and strategies for ALL students, in ALL classes, providing targeted feedback for students to learn and succeed.

Students stay in the same class while teachers move from class to class. Classes follow a consistent Monday-Friday school schedule. (Week 1 & Week 2)
All classrooms are equipped with a permanent cubby system and charging stations + additional storage units to reduce the need of going to lockers
Materials are colour-coded by subject, standardized in all classes.
Students are assigned seats in the classrooms based on optimal learning conditions. Seating arrangements are reviewed and modified as needed by the teachers periodically.
Daily data collection on homework completion, learning engagement, focus and attention, as well as social interactions
Common language is used to address disciplinary matters in the classroom
Course packs are created for Math, Science and Social Studies. Homework and learning materials are available online
Homework is visible in all classrooms; it is written on homework boards and posted online in a format that is consistent for all staff, on one platform.
School laptops are assigned to each student in the classroom to complete work.
All classrooms are equipped with a supply box (highlighters, calculators, etc) that students may use when needed.
We focus on development of learning behaviors to support learning: Preparation, completion of work, asking questions, engagement, attention, focus and open to feedback.
Accessible teaching & learning strategies are embedded into every departmental approach
All students have access to WordQ and Lexibar softwares both at school and at home (these are extended in IEPs at later levels.)
Practice summaries are provided for lessons in Science and Social Studies to help students consolidate their learning.
Exam preparation packages are provided to students to guide study and review during exam periods.
Exam tutorials are held the day before an exam to prepare students and respond to questions
Exam preparation study groups are arranged in December and June to provide students with collaboration opportunities to review and reflect
45 min homework period is built-into the student’s school schedule at the end of each school day from Monday to Thursday for students to clarify their understanding of topics.
Students have access to our Wellness Center that helps students refocus, let off steam and prepare for learning.
Exercise bikes are found in the Wellness Center for students to burn excess energy
Routine self-reflections are conducted for students to reflect on what they know and what needs further clarification from teachers.
Routine catch-up days for students to access support when they fall behind – Fridays, PED Days and end of term.
Noise cancelling headphones are available as needed for all students to help them remain in their own learning bubble.
Fidget toys available as needed for all students to help students concentrate and relieve stress
Lunchtime clubs, structured lunch activities and sports teams are scheduled to help students practice social skills and provides a structured “out of class” time.

Our Vision

To distinguish ourselves as the leading school that provides students with the skills to overcome the challenges of learning

Our Focus

Our approach is focused on learning behaviors that help struggling students regain their self-confidence to get back on their feet and, ultimately, improves grades.