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An Interview with Centennial Academy Alumna Tamara Granatstein
An Interview with Centennial Academy Alumna Tamara Granatstein

What is your name and when did you attend Centennial?

My name is Tamara Granatstein and I attended Centennial from 1992-1996.[/row]

How would you describe your experience at Centennial Academy and what are the most important things you learned from studying at Centennial?

I spent all my high school years at Centennial, and I was so grateful for the small classes and the individualized attention. When I came to Centennial in grade seven, I was really insecure and not confident in myself or my academic abilities. Throughout my five years, I worked really hard and took advantage of the extra help that Centennial has available for their students and graduated on the honor roll! That was a huge accomplishment for me. I also had the most amazing teachers! Mr. Papadopoulos and Mr. Alexander, my English teachers, really inspired me to want to work hard and succeed.

How did Centennial help you transition from High School to CEGEP/College?

I felt very confident going to Dawson after graduating from Centennial. I learned from years at Centennial how to organize myself, and get my work done.

What are you doing now? What activities are you involved in?

I’ve worked in fundraising for the past eleven years and I’m currently a fundraising consultant. I’m currently working with Centennial on the Centennial Annual Fund! As I’ve graduated from Centennial, I know first-hand the merits of a Centennial Academy education, so I’m very passionate about my job. I love working in fundraising because it’s so rewarding to work in a field where you can make a difference.

If you could give FUTURE High School students one tip or piece of advice, what would it be?

I always think of this inspiration quote, and it’s a bit cheesy but it’s so true. “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, be afraid of not learning from them.”