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Encourage your child to follow the same basic routine when writing exams.
Encourage your child to follow the same basic routine when writing exams.

During our Exam Preparation Breakfasts, we summarized how students should prepare for exams and the steps they should take when they sit down to write them. Following a consistent routine and tackling every exam in a slow and focused manner will reduce your child’s stress levels and help him succeed. Here is the basic routine that you should encourage your child to follow when he sits down to write an exam:

1) Take a few slow and deep breaths before you begin, to feel calmer and more centred.

2) Use active reading strategies when you read every question or text:

• Read the question or text very carefully, several times;
• Reflect on what you have read to be sure you have understood it;
• Go back and read it again, highlighting the most important information.

3) Plan your answer:

• If it’s an essay question, fill-out the graphic organizer or text-writing table provided with your exam;
• If it’s a multiple-choice question, write down the facts that you know about the topic, carefully consider each choice before choosing the one that best answers the question, and, if it’s a math question, write-down your calculations.
• If it’s a math problem, write-out the equations you will need to solve the problem, then clearly mark and explain every step of the solution.

4) Answer the question as best you can, following the instructions provided.

5) Review your answer, to be sure you answered the question properly and that you did not leave anything out.