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Help your child develop resilience over the holidays
Help your child develop resilience over the holidays

Help your child develop resilience over the holidays

Resilience is all about adapting and responding positively to stress and adversity – in other words, about bouncing back after experiencing something difficult. Wouldn’t it feel great to be able to shrug off a setback, learn a lesson from it, and then move on to something else? Well, the good news is that resilience is not just something you’re born with: it’s a skill that everyone can develop. And, it does wonders for one’s physical and emotional health!

Here are a few things that your child can do over the holidays to build resilience and feel ready to take on new challenges when school starts again.

  • BE ACTIVE: Get off the sofa and get moving! Physical activity is great for the body and the brain.
  • TRY NEW THINGS: Expand your horizons and try something new, whether it’s a dance, singing, painting or snowboarding class, or even a visit to a music festival or museum exhibition. There is always lots going on in Montreal, so click on a few of the links below to see what might pique your interest.
  • BE SOCIAL: Share some laughs or tears with a few friends, in person – not over the internet! It’s amazing how therapeutic it can be to hang around with friends.
  • BE GRATEFUL: Take some time every day to think about what you’re thankful for: all things, big or small, that made you feel good about yourself or good about the world around you.
  • DON’T SET THE BAR TOO HIGH: Don’t let other people’s idealized, sugar-coated social media feeds make you think that you or your life are inadequate in any way. Learn to be content with who you are and with what you’ve got.  You’ll feel much happier!

If you are looking for something fun and new to do in Montreal during the March Break, try one of these links to get you started:

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