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Admissions Documents

    Please Submit the Following Documents

    PDF Only

    Application Form

    Click here to download form

    Applicant’s Health Insurance Card (RAMQ)

    Applicant's Birth Certificate (including the name of both parents)

    If the applicant was not born in Canada: Proof of Canadian citizenship (Canadian passport or Canadian citizenship certificate)
    For more information about international student applications visit Helpful Links.

    Applicant’s Certificate of English Language Eligibility (for admittance into the English sector)

    We can assist in the process of obtaining eligibility, but the Quebec Government determines whether or not conditions have been met.

    Quebec Residency Proof

    Two pieces of identification of one parent (Medicare Card and Driver’s License).

    Applicant Photo

    A recent photo of applicant.

    A non-refundable online payment of $200 is required for registration fees (Click here for instructions on how to pay).

    *Important Note: All documentation must be provided in English or French. Foreign language documents require an English or French certified translation. Both the original and translated versions are required.

    Got a question?

    Contact the Centennial Academy Admissions Office for more information
    (514) 486-5533 ext. 226 |