Open House

What we do

Kids don’t fail school. School fails kids.

We help students with learning challenges become autonomous, resilient, life-long learners.

Since we know that every individual learns differently, we provide our students with many different pathways to learning, which maximizes their chances of success.

Centennial is the only high school in the province of Quebec that helps students with learning disabilities master their learning challenges and graduate on time. 

We’re very proud of these statistics:

  • At Centennial, over 90% of our students graduate after five years; in the province of Quebec, the graduation rate after five years is only 74%.
  • Nearly all of our students move on to CEGEP and university.
  • At Centennial, 90% of our high school students are diagnosed with learning challenges.

We don’t fail our students. We teach them how to succeed.

Over 90% of our students graduate after five years.