Open House

Our Approach

Every child can learn better.

We create a safe learning community.

We make sure that our students feel:

  • Understood and respected for who they really are;
  • Connected to their peers, teachers and coaches.

We use inclusive instructional practices.

We use tools and techniques that remove barriers to learning:

  • Course packs, online course materials and assignments;
  • Graphic organizers and colour-coded subject binders;
  • Text-to-speech (WordQ®) literacy tools.

We adhere to systems and structures that support learning.

We promote autonomous and engaged learning by providing:

  • A predictable and stable learning environment;
  • Routines that develop independence;
  • Clear instructions, feedback, limits and expectations.

Everything at Centennial is designed to help students learn autonomously.

We teach our students how to learn. We prepare them for life.