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Les élèves devraient aimer aller à l’école et apprendre de nouvelles choses.

L’Académie Centennial est un milieu inclusif qui accueille des élèves ayant des difficultés d’apprentissage variées, y compris le TDAH, la dysgraphie, la dyslexie, et les troubles du spectre autistique.

Nos élèves veulent se sentir respectés et acceptés. Ils veulent aimer aller à l’école et connaître le succès.

« Centennial has really impacted my school life in only positive ways and I am looking forward to ending secondary 4 on a strong foot and next year succeeding and getting into a good Cegep. »

Testimonial Brandon Glazer - Ancien élève
Brandon Glazer - Ancien élève

« From day one, I felt the learning environment change, the smaller classes and more attentive teachers. To me, I find it wasn’t the work that became easier, but the way I was taught it became easier to understand the material. For example, math, Mr. Elbling has become one of my favorite teachers because of his way of teaching is much more comprehensible, and because of that I managed to increase my grades by just over 20%, from a 70% average to a 91% average. Mr. Elbling isn’t the only teacher who has helped me out, and I have been seeing improvements in all my grades. »

Testimonial Jesse Castelli - 4e secondaire
Jesse Castelli - 4e secondaire

« Before attending Centennial Academy I was going through a lot of pressure mostly because of my school work. I was very nervous before coming to Centennial, I wasn’t sure if I would fit in and make as many friends as I did at my old school. The first few days of school went by and I was very surprised how I managed to fit in and get much better grades than I did at my other school. The teachers want you to succeed and they are much more implied to help us.  The pressure I felt was instantly gone, my grades were a lot better and I was surprised  of how much I liked the school. »

Testimonial Anonyme - 4e secondaire
Anonyme - 4e secondaire

Nous guidons nos élèves sur le chemin de la connaissance de soi et de la réussite.

Bien qu’ils soient tous uniques, nos élèves veulent se sentir respectés et acceptés. Ils veulent aimer aller à l’école et connaître le succès.